Tragic Update on Magician Feared Dead After Attempting Houdini Stunt

June 19, 2019Jun 19, 2019

An Indian man attempting a famous Houdini trick said of his stunt, "If I can free myself it will be magic, if I cannot, it will be tragic."

Sadly, it has had a tragic end. A body discovered in the Hooghly River in Kolkata, India, has been identified as that of magician Chanchal Lahiri, reported PEOPLE.

Port Division of Kolkata Police deputy commissioner Syed Waquar Raza told CNN that Lahiri’s body was identified by the stuntman’s brother. His body was found Monday evening a little over a mile from where he entered the water for his trick.

Also known by his stage name “Jadugar Mandrake,” Lahiri was initially feared dead after he failed to emerge from the river on Sunday after a Harry Houdini-inspired trick attempt. The trick was one of Houdini's most famous where he was submerged in shackles only to appear out of the water totally fine.

Lahiri was chained up and submerged into the water near Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge. After 30 minutes passed, he was feared dead.

In a video from the BBC, the magician explained the trick he was about to attempt. “The magic we are going to do today is so risky,” Lahiri said in the video. “First, my hands will be tied behind my back with a rope. My legs will also be bound by thick rope. My whole body will be in chains. There will be six locks. I will be picked up by a crane in that condition and lowered into the water.”

In 2013, Lahiri performed a similar illusion, escaping from a locked cage that had been submerged in the river. However, at that time, onlookers were angry at him because they could see the trick door he used to escape.

This is a tragic end to the story. Please pray for his family.

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