Tragic: Police Officer Shoots and Kills Off-Duty Female Cop from Same Department

January 24, 2019Jan 24, 2019

A tragic news story is coming in out of St. Louis. According to reports, a police officer has shot and killed an off-duty female officer from his same department.

“An SLMPD officer has been transported to an area hospital suffering from a gunshot wound,” the department tweeted at 2:02 a.m. Thursday. The “officer in need of aid” call was made about seven minutes before, according to the Post-Dispatch.

Details about the incident are starting to come in. Reports state that two officers stopped by one of their homes during their shift. At that point, an off-duty officer also came to the home. It was shortly after that the tragic accident occurred.

The department is reporting that a gun was accidentally fired during the meeting. The bullet hit the off-duty female officer in the chest.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that the officer transported to the hospital has succumbed to her injuries,” the tweet said. “We ask that you keep the officer’s family and the entire SLMPD in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of our officer and friend.”

"Both on-duty officers are 29-year-old males, Hayden said, according to KTVI. All three officers have been with the department for about two years. Police have not said which officer shot the woman, and have not reported what led up to the shooting," according to the Idaho Statesman.

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