Tragic: Identities of all Eight Victims in NYC Attack Released

November 01, 2017Nov 01, 2017

On Tuesday, October 31st, eight people were tragically killed and at least a dozen others were injured in a New York City terrorist attack. The 29-year-old suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, plowed through a crowd of pedestrians along a bike path with a Home Depot rental truck and shouted “Allahu akbar” when storming out of the vehicle.

The suspect has been linked to ISIS and had reportedly been planning out the attack for weeks in the name of the Islamic State, inspired by their “values” and previous acts of terrorism. Currently, the suspect is recovering from surgery of a gunshot wound in the hospital.

He did not plan to survive the attack, but since he did, he told authorities that he was proud of his actions and would have continued to murder people if he wasn’t stopped by police officers. His sick act-of-terrorism caused a great amount of devastation throughout our nation, especially for the family and friends of the eight victims.

On Wednesday afternoon, the identity of all eight victims were released. As you read a part of their story below, please say a prayer for their loved ones as they are going through this difficult time.

Five friends from Argentina who were celebrating their 30th high school reunion

What was meant to be a fun and exciting, celebratory trip, turned drastically devastating. Close high school friends 47-year-old, Hernán Diego Mendoza, 47-year-old Alejandro Damián Pagnucco, 47-year-old Hernán Ferruchi, 47-year-old Diego Enrique Angelini, and 48-year-old Ariel Erlij were on a group bike ride in Manhattan before being suddenly struck by the truck. Four of the five men died immediately at the crime scene and the other died while being treated in a local hospital.

A mother of two from Belgium

31-year-old Ann-Laure Decadt was visiting New York City with her mother and sisters, according to the New York Post. She was riding her bicycle before she was hit by the truck and killed almost instantly. Decadt was happily married and had two boys—one 3-month-old and one 3-year-old. Thankfully, her mother and sisters were unharmed.

Two young American victims: one New York resident and one New Jersey resident

32-year-old Darren Drake (above) from New Jersey and 23-year-old Nicholas Cleves from New York were the two American victims killed in this attack. Drake’s father told a New Jersey news source that Drake was the “perfect son” who worked hard as a project manager for Moody’s Investors Service. During a day at the office, he took a break for a short bike ride, where he was tragically killed in the terrorist attack.

Cleves (above), a local New Yorker, was a software engineer who graduated from Skidmore College in 2016. A deli employee remembered him as “absolutely lovely” and a “sweetheart,” stated the New York Post. It is unclear if he was walking or riding his bike before he died.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. In breaking news, a famous singer unexpectedly died in his sleep at 65 years old. Please keep his loved ones in your prayers, as well. Thank you!

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