Tragic: Here are the 26 Victims of the Texas Church Shooting

November 08, 2017Nov 08, 2017

On Sunday, a tragic shooting took place in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A 26-year-old gunman entered First Baptist Church and opened fire, killing 26 people and injuring dozens more.

The victims ranged from only 18-months-old to 77-year-old. Many of them came from the same two families.

Sherri Pomeroy, the wife of the pastor, said, “Our church was not comprised of members of parishioners, we were a very close family. We ate together, we laughed together, we cried together and we worshiped together. Now, most of our church family is gone.”

Below is a photo of 24 out of the 26 people who lost their lives in this senseless tragedy.

Brief information has been made available about a few of the victims. One of which was Annabelle Pomeroy, the pastor’s daughter of First Baptist Church. She was adopted as a young girl and was only 14-years-old at the time of the shooting.

Robert and Shani Corrigan also lost their lives in this shooting. They were a military family and Robert was retired from the Air Force. They have two sons, who are both on active military duty.

8 members of the Holcombe family were lost. Joe Holcombe lost children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Two of the family members were Byran Holcombe, an associate pastor, and his wife Karla. Their son, Danny, and his daughter, Noah, were also killed. The other family members who died were Crystal, who was pregnant, Emily, Megan, and Greg.

Dennis and Sara Johnson, 77 and 68, respectively, died as well. Dennis was a church elder and a veteran of the U.S. Navy Reserves and the Army National Guard. The couple had recently celebrated their 44th anniversary.

Another victim, 16-year-old Haley Krueger, had a dream of becoming a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. She was described as being “beautiful” and “vibrant.”

Scott and Karen Marshall were first-time visitors to the church. They were reportedly searching for a new church home.

Tara McNulty worked at a nearby restaurant and was described as a “sweet, kind and loving woman.” Friends said that she was “always willing to do the little things” and was conscientious of those around her.

Another family that lost multiple members was the Ward family. Joan Ward was killed, along with her 5-year-old daughter Brook and her 7-year-old daughter Emily. Her stepson, 5-year-old Ryland, was also shot multiple times. He is still in critical but stable condition.

Please continue praying for the family and friends of the victims. Pray that God would bring peace and comfort to those in mourning. In other recent news, Franklin Graham gave a health update of Billy Graham on his 99th birthday. 

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