Tragic Ending After Gunman Takes Hostages at UPS Facility

January 15, 2019Jan 15, 2019

The man who stormed a UPS facility and took numerous people hostage has been killed by police. Officials have reported that William Owens, age 39, has died from his injuries.

"Earlier, authorities said the man killed by police, identified as William Owens, 39, of Sicklerville, New Jersey, had been hospitalized. 'According to the preliminary investigation, the shooting occurred after the gunman and hostages had exited the building,' the attorney general's office said. The man was armed with a handgun," according to CNN.

The two women who were taken hostage in the hours-long standoff are said to be unharmed. The details of the incident are still coming in as police work to investigate the event. However, reports say the suspect did not surrender to authorities. Police intervened and saved the hostages at the time they shot the suspect.

"The incident is concluded and all of the employees are accounted for and being attended to by local officials. Support services for employees who work at the site will be provided as they recover from this unfortunate incident," UPS said.

The original story can be found below. Please join us in prayer for all of those involved in this deadly incident. We ask that God surrounds them with grace and peace in a way that only He can.

Reports broke early on Monday morning after a gunman stormed into a UPS facility in New Jersey. Now, more details are coming in from the scene.

Police say a suspect is currently holding his girlfriend and another woman hostage inside the building. Law enforcement personnel are on the scene and working to safely resolve the situation.

"Authorities responded to a report of a barricade situation at the UPS facility in Logan Township around 8:30 a.m. as the SWAT team was activated to head to the warehouse on the 200 block of Birch Creek Road," reported CBS.

The suspect is reportedly barricaded inside a room with the two women. However, police are said to be negotiating with him at this time. It is unclear if he is willing to release the two women.

UPS released the following statement regarding the incident:

“UPS is working with law enforcement as they respond to an active shooter situation at one of the company’s supply chain processing facilities in Logan Township, New Jersey. We cannot provide information about the identity of people involved at this time.”

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