Tragic: Bodies of Mom, 9-Year-Old Daughter Found After Suspected Murder-Suicide

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

A tragic report emerged on Tuesday morning about the death of a mother and daughter. People reported that 41-year-old Karina Clark and 9-year-old Madison Clark were found dead in their home. 

The pair was discovered on New Year's Eve, though investigators believe that they may have died as long as three-weeks prior to that. According to early reports, the death is being considered a murder-suicide.

Officials were sent to the Clark residence in Magna, Utah after someone saw a Christmas present on their porch that had been unopened. According to Unified Police Lt. Brian Lohrke, the pair had died sometime between one and three weeks prior to being notified. 

Preliminary reports suggest that Karina Clark shot and killed her 9-year-old daughter. After, she fatally shot herself. 

Lohrke said, "This is one of those situations where we're kind of left in the dust right now, trying to figure out why a mother had the need to kill her 9-year-old daughter. It's a question we may have forever."

So far, Lohrke and the other investigators have not been able to find a motive for the murder-suicide. However, he noted that Clark may have suffered from a mental illness.

Gibson Clark, son to Karina and brother to Madison, talked to Fox News about the tragedy. 

He said, "My mom was really troubled. We all grew up with her and we called child protective services on her quite a bit...I think there was stuff going on in the house that we didn't know about."

Gibson said that as a child, his mother's behavior caused a great amount of friction in the house. Because of that, Gibson and his two other adult siblings, Bailey and Brandon Miller, had lost touch with their mother and younger sister.

Clark's neighbor, Ben Cummins, said that he never noticed anything strange about Karina's behavior. He said that she seemed to be a "warm person" with a "good heart."

After the incident, Karina's niece created a You Caring page for funeral donations. She said that Bailey and Brandon Miller, Karina's middle children, had previously lost their father to suicide as well. 

She said, "Mental illness is such an ugly and heartbreaking thing!! You never know what someone is going through and capable of and my heart is breaking for these kids who now have to bury their mother and little sister. My grandma still is in shock about the whole thing! No parent should have to bury their daughter and granddaughter."

She continued by asking for prayers and support. 

She said, "So in my attempt to be there for them all and have faith God has a plan I am asking for help to give them a proper funeral so they can heal and find peace and prayers are appreciated at this time."

Lt. Lohrke said, "Just be aware of those around you, your loved ones, whether it's overt red flags or those silent cries for help."

Please be praying for Clark's other children as they deal with this tremendous loss. Also, be praying for others who lost friends and family members during the holiday season and are in the grieving stages. Share your prayers here.

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