Tragic Accident Claims the Life of Famous Star's Pet

November 22, 2017Nov 22, 2017

One of the biggest names in the world of glamour, fashion, and entertainment is now mourning the loss of her beloved pet. Katie Price recently opened up about the tragic accident that claimed the life of her horse.

Price is a big fan of horses and riding. However, one of her horses recently escaped from an enclosure and was struck by a car. The horse was not able to survive the accident.

"Last night our friends horses including one of ours escaped from their field and ran onto the Road we are devastated. We are extremely upset to find out one of our horses was killed last night being hit by a car," the United Kingdom celeb wrote on social media.

She later went on to thank local first responders for their efforts and to thank God for not injuring the driver in the ordeal. Apparently, other horses were also involved in the coincident, although they appear to have minor injuries and will recover.

"Thank god the driver of this car was very lucky and escaped and wish him well, police were amazing and so was the local community and thank them all! Our friends other 4 horses thank god are alive with a couple of them injured and are still being treated by the vet and will be ok," she concluded.

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