Tragic: 27-Year-Old Father of 3 Kills Teen Girlfriend

December 07, 2017Dec 07, 2017

Tragedy struck a Connecticut family on Monday evening, December 4th after their 16-year-old daughter, Evalyce Santiago, was murdered by her 27-year-old boyfriend. 27-year-old Dominique Pittman was also a father to three beautiful children, who happened to be mothered by Santiago's aunt.

(Note: It was previously reported by several news outlets that the children's mother was Santiago's older sister, but NBC News later discovered the mom was actually her aunt).

According to Fox News, Pittman and Santiago were driving around together in his vehicle before it crashed and burst into flames. When first responders arrived, the young girl was unexpectedly found in the passenger seat with three gunshot wounds in the head and hands.

Pittman escaped before the car caught on fire, but was discovered by police and taken into custody. He was charged with murder and several weapon violations, reported WFSB.

Initially, little details were known about the two's relationship and Pittman's motive for murdering the teen girl. However, Pittman later admitted to police that Santiago threatened to tell her aunt, which started a heated argument between them.

Pittman's relationship with Santiago's aunt had been going on for at least six years. Earlier, it was believed that Pittman and Santiago began dating afterward, but it has been confirmed that they were still together when Pittman started seeing Santiago.

In the middle of arguing, the two fought over the gun and Pittman ended up pulling the trigger. Fox reported that his original story claimed a third person was in the car and shot Santiago, but police determined that was false.

According to NBC, police asked Pittman if the teen could have been pregnant. He admitted to having sexual intercourse with her. 

Santiago’s family is shocked and heartbroken by her sudden death.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by family members in hopes of receiving assistance with funeral costs. As of Thursday morning, they have raised almost $3,000, but their goal is to raise $10,000.

Please keep this family in your prayers as they deal with this tragic loss. In breaking news, a shooting occurred at a small town high school.

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