Tragedy Strikes for Man Recovering from Church Van Crash When Wife Unexpectedly Dies

January 08, 2019Jan 08, 2019

A family in Kansas needs our prayers. Months after Tim Abbott nearly died in a crash, his wife unexpectedly died.

Abbott was injured when a church van crashed in Bolivar, Missouri, in August. In that crash, three people died and another 10 were injured.

"I don't remember us flipping around," he said. "I don't remember the rolls. I don't remember the crash. I don't have any memory of that."

Abbott accompanied a group of teens from Faith Chapel Assembly of God in Overland Park on a float trip on August 10, 2018. While southbound on Highway 13, the van blew a tire, overturned, and hit a tree.

Three of the 13 people injured in the crash died: 14-year-old Hannah Foy, of Louisburg, 16-year-old David Martin, of Olathe, and 17-year-old Samara Bayse, of Stilwell.

Three others, including Abbott, were seriously injured, and seven others were hurt. Abbott had multiple injuries including a broken neck and a traumatic brain injury.

Since the catastrophic accident, Tim has been recovering with the aid of his wife of 12 years, Rachel. Tragically, just days after Christmas, Rachel died without warning.

On December 30, Rachel started experiencing what they thought was sinus pain similar to what she'd experienced in 2016. Within a matter of hours, she went into paralysis and died.

Her brother shared a heartfelt post on Facebook after his sister passed away. He also asked people to pray for his brother-in-law, who he compared to Job in the Bible. 

He wrote, "God took my "baby" sister home this past Sunday. That is the best explanation for it, I think. She shouldn't have died. She was sick to her stomach and vomiting throughout the evening. When I have been sick that way, I have sometimes felt like I would die, and even wished for it. But I have never believed that I was close to death. From what we can tell, Rachel suffered a brain aneurysm, and in an instant she was gone." 

"Why her and not me?" Abbott told the Kansas City Fox station. "I had an accident just five months ago. Why couldn't you spare the teens and take me instead?"

However, now he thinks that he understands God's plan a little bit better.

"Maybe that's why God spared me," Abbott said. "He didn't want to have three kids without their parents."

Abbott still can't work or drive, and he doesn't know when doctors will clear him for either. He's going through intense physical therapy, and family and friends are helping them take care of their children.

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