Tragedy in Michigan: Mother’s Worst Nightmare Comes True, Prayers Needed

July 17, 2018Jul 17, 2018

Please pray for a Michigan family who experienced the worst fear a parent can face. On Sunday a father was driving drunk when he crashed into a car. What happened next is horrifying.

His seven-year-old daughter, was unfortunately in the car with him when the accident occurred on Interstate 94 outside Detroit. According to Michigan State Police Lieutenant Mike Shaw, DeSandra Thomas thought her father was still alive.

She picked up his phone and began texting 911, apparently because she thought her father had been killed in the wreck. He hadn’t, according to PEOPLE, but the 911 dispatcher maintained a conversation with her.

The dispatcher told her to remain where she was, but DeSandra decided to cross the interstate. She was struck before police could find her.

She died instantly, Shaw said.

The accident happened around 3:35 a.m. The female driver who struck DeSandra called 911, saying she had thought she might have struck a human. It was later confirmed that the girl who had been struck was connected to the drunk driving accident.

The father remains hospitalized with a head injury. Blood tests will determine what kind of potential charges will be placed against him.

The mother, Sandria Burts, speaking to a local TV station WDIV, said that she does not want the father charged in the death.

“He has to live the rest of his life knowing that his daughter is not here anymore,” Burts said. “So him doing jail, that’s not going to do him any harm. Maybe he can do an outreach program and talk to people and tell them how important it is to not drink.”

She added: “The charge is when he wakes up and not see his baby anymore. No, I don’t want him charged. I hope that they don’t charge him. That’s torture enough. Nobody should have to live with the fact that their baby is gone. I want him to be able to talk to people, because you never know how many lives he’ll be able to save by telling his story.”

Please pray for Sandria Burts, and for the father, in this horrific accident. Join the conversation on our Facebook page. Be sure to read about Hollywood offering support to one of their own after wife’s sudden passing. 

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