Toy F-16 Jet Emits The Sounds Of...A Muslim Call To Prayer?

January 02, 2016Jan 02, 2016

When a Whatcom County, Washington child opened his present this Christmas, he was delighted to discover a toy F-16 fighter jet that scooted around the floor while flashing colorful lights. But his uncle was bewildered when instead of making the promised jet engine sounds, the noises emitting from the toy were quite distinctly...a Muslim call to prayer.


According to KING 5, the president of a local Islamic society confirmed that it was a Mecca pilgrimage prayer and said it's inclusion in an F-16 toy was "very, very wrong."

While most purchasers of the popular toy have not reported any problem, some reviewers on Amazon have claimed the same issue. The toy company blames its Chinese manufacturer for mistakenly putting the wrong sound effects in some of its products.

The child's uncle, Bjorn Thorpe, is hoping for a refund.

Thorpe commented, "It's kind of not the right situation to have that on a children's toy."