Grieving Bride Wears Wedding Dress to Firefighter Fiance's Grave On Day They Were to Marry

October 09, 2018Oct 09, 2018

For most couples, planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things they will ever do together. However, not every fairy tale has a happy ending.

For one bride, her wedding photos are going viral for a tragic reason. Jessica Padgett wore her wedding dress and visited her fiancee grave on the day the pair was to be married. It was such a heartbreaking moment.

The photo quickly went viral online. Many people reached out to pray for the grieving young bride. Many more wondered what had caused her fiance's untimely death.

"Heartbreaking photos show Jessica Padgett kneeling in front of Kendall James Murphy's headstone on September 29. Murphy, who was a firefighter for Montgomery, Indiana, was tragically killed in November 2017 when his colleague, Colby Blake, crashed his vehicle into three cars as they responded to a call. Blake, from Cannelburg, was not injured but he allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .21 percent which is more than double the legal limit of .08," reported the Daily Mail.

Jessica decided to honor her late husband by posting some touching photos online that depicted her paying tribute to the great man that he was. The images have been shared tens of thousands of times.

Please join us in praying for Jessica, and the entire Murphy family, during this tragic time. We ask for God's peace to surround and comfort them as they find joy in the memories of their beloved firefighter, Kendall.

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