Touching reunion between owner and pet missing amid the harsh winter weather captured on camera

Roger Jacobs’ holidays were a little darker after Salty, his dog, disappeared a few days prior to Christmas.

The seven-year-old English Setter managed to escape through an unlatched gate at Jacobs’s home in Shepherd, Montana.

Jacobs, 68 has owned Salty since she was a puppy. He trained her to go on hunting trips with him so it was not unusual for her to run away.

Roger Jacobs wearing a blue jacket and cap

Salty, a father of three, was searched by his family day and night, whistling for Salty and trying to find her footprints in snow. They also posted online to check if anyone had seen her.

After a week without any signs of Salty, they began to lose hope.

Jacobs feared the canine may have gone into the highway—until a family friend named Bill Lepley called with some positive news.

Roger Jacobs petting his dog Salty

Lepley stated that he saw a dog that looked exactly like Salty at the Yellowstone River. Becky Anderson, Jacobs’s daughter, said she tried not to get her hopes up, especially knowing that the dog had been gone for a week at below zero temperatures. She drove with her two children to confirm that Salty was indeed Salty.

They instantly recognized it was her when she pulled up!

Roger Jacobs reuniting with Salty in the middle of a snowy field

Lepley then drove Salty to Jacobs’s location and let her out in a snowy field to meet her owner. Anderson recorded their tearful reunion at the riverbank.

It’s a miracle that Salty survived the harsh winter conditions all on her own. Jacobs believes that his dog found a straw pile or haystack to shelter in at night.

Roger Jacobs reuniting with Salty in the middle of a snowy field

Salty suffered a cut to her front leg from snow and had ice between her pads. Salty also lost approximately ten pounds during the experience, but is otherwise in good health.

Salty is happy to be at home with her family and has returned to her normal life.

Watch Salty’s happy reunion with her beloved owner in the video below.

Reunions are always a great thing. This one between a dog’s owner and his dog will be a touching one.

Blue, Pat’s dog, went missing in the second quarter of 2020. He was a hopeful man and had almost given up hope of finding him. While Pat was still living in Tennessee, Blue had moved to Texas for work. Pat thought he would never again see his best friend.

He did not know that Blue was rescued from the Washington County Animal Shelter in Tennessee.

Unidentified person called April 2020 to alert them about a stray Pit Bull who had been visiting his house. An animal control officer drove to the location to pick up and take the puppy to the facility.

The shelter staff described Blue as a “happy-go-lucky dog.” He loved everyone he met at the shelter.

The shelter had no choice but to close its doors and limit visitors due to the pandemic. They were forced to wait for someone else to adopt Blue.

Pat reuniting with his missing dog Blue at the Washington County Animal Shelter in Tennessee

They shared a video of Blue playing with his favorite balls on Facebook to increase his chances of being adopted. After a while, one person commented on the video that it was Blue playing with his favorite ball.

Pat, who was looking for Blue for approximately half a year, was that man. A friend saw the video and sent it to him.

Once Pat was confirmed to be his owner, Blue drove 1,200 miles from the shelter to pick him up. Blue seemed initially shocked to see his owner after 200 days apart, but he eventually began to give Pat lots of kisses. The shelter staff captured their happy reunion.

“That’s my boy,” Pat said upon seeing his dog. “I missed you so much.”

We’re so glad that these dogs have found their way back home!

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