Tory Lanez Arrested For Making ‘Harassing Subliminal Tweets’ Towards Meg Thee Stallion!!

MTO News learned that the Tory Lanez-Meg Thee Stallion drama is heating up in a Los Amge’es courtroom.

Tory Lanez and his team arrived at Los Angeles courthouse today with their legs. This was to be a routine hearing in Megan Thee Stallion’s felony assault case.

MTO News confirmed that Nut Meg’s legal team as well as the district attorney were out for blood.

Prosecutors requested a “special hearing” on Tory. They claimed that he violated a protective Order against Meg by “harassing Tweets”. Although none of the tweets mentioned Meg directly, it could be interpreted as a subliminal dig at the female rapper Tory claims has lied since the beginning of this case.