Tori Spelling Looks Downright Witchy In Latest Promo For Her Video Game

Tori SpellingOn Instagram, she shared a shot from a new horror video game called “The Last of Us” Ghosts.Spelling looks radiant and happy to be a part of the videogame world, judging by the setting and the look on her face. She said that her kids are excited to play a game with their mom, even if it doesn’t bring any other benefits.


Tori Spelling, best known for her stint on the 90’s soapy drama Beverly Hills 90210She has truly branched off in the past decade with reality TV gigs and writing books, screenwriting, television production. Her IMDB is full of work. She will also be starring in the upcoming Jed Shepard game GhostsShe is not content to rest on her laurels, and would rather be working.

GhostsThe live motion video game will be released in 2022. It was created by Shepard (famous for his pandemic horror films). HostThe, which was founded in 2020. As you can see from Spelling’s face, she is clearly having fun with the role and is getting quite into it.

Witches are sewed

For those who don’t know, a FMV (full motion video game) is basically an interactive movie where the player picks how the story plays out. Although very little is known about FMVs, Ghosts or Spelling’s role in the game, it seems clear from the shot and her description she is playing a psychic in the game, but that is all we have to whet our whistles right now.

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