Tori Spelling Allegedly Too Broke To Get A Divorce After Burning Through $800K Inheritance, Gossip Says

It is Tori Spelling Going bankrupt? One report states the following: Beverly Hills, 90210 star can’t leave Dean McDermottBecause she can’t afford a divorce. Gossip Cop investigates.

Tori Spelling ‘Too Broke To Divorce’?

Dean McDermott is said to be married to Tori Spelling. According to Star, their tumultuous 14-year marriage can’t come to an end because divorce is so expensive. A source says, “Tori and Dean’s finances are a mess.” Spelling’s money problems are well known. She spent her inheritance. had $90,000 seizedAfter refusing to pay American Express what was owed, she took the money out of her bank account.

Even the vibe is terrible in Spelling’s home, a source says. “The atmosphere is awful, through to Tori and Dean’s credit, they don’t fight in front of the kids.” No one believes they’ll remain together forever, the insider concludes.

What’s Going On With Spelling’s Finances?

There’s no denying Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott aren’t doing well. They’re sleeping in separate beds and are seldom spotted together. However, this story of cash woes isn’t wholly accurate. It’s just preying on Spelling’s historic cash problems. On average, divorce costs about $15,000 in the United States, which isn’t exactly cheap. Spelling has consistent income from MTV’s Messyness She is also a host on iHeartRadio, so she could probably do that if she had the chance.

Depending on who you ask Spelling and McDermott may be staying together for the sake of the childrenSpelling or Spelling file any day now. Rumours of a divorce raged in December, but Spelling was granted COVID-19. She’s only recovering now, so that would be a good explanation for the hold-up in proceedings.

The truth is likely somewhere in between. Lingering credit card debtIt could be a strong motivator to stay together, but it could also work for children. For whatever it’s worth, Spelling told E! she now feels “the most confident I ever have in my entire life.” It’s not all doom and gloom in her home. She’s focusing on her children and career at the moment and it appears to bring her happiness.

More Spelling Attacks

This story is actually a repetition. Last April, StarSimilar story ran about McDermott & Spelling being too broke to get divorced. Gossip Cop pointed out how misleading that story was, and now it looks like the tabloid couldn’t come up with anything new. It published a 2017 cover story that Spelling was headed to prison for money fraud. This never happened.

Rumours abound about Spelling and McDermott divorcing. Only time will tell when and if they decide to pull the plug.

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