Prayers Needed: Rising NFL Star Injured in ‘Senseless’ Shooting Act that Killed His Former Teammate

April 29, 2019Apr 29, 2019

Prayers are needed for the families of two college football stars. Washburn University defensive back Dwane Simmons, 23, was tragically killed in a “senseless” off-campus shooting act in Topeka, Kansas on Sunday, April 28th.

Former fellow teammate cornerback Corey Ballentine, who was just drafted by the New York Giants in the sixth round, was injured in the same incident. He is also 23 years old.

"Both Dwane and Corey have been great examples and representatives of the football team and of Washburn University in general," the University’s president Jerry Farley said. "This was a terrible way to end a day which should have been a day of celebration and a day to look forward to Dwane’s upcoming year at Washburn and the beginning of Corey’s professional career."

According to NBC News, Ballentine’s gunshot wound was not life-threatening. He is expected to make a full recovery. However, it is unclear if he will be in good enough health to start this upcoming season.

The Giants released the following statement in response: "[We are aware of] the tragic situation and continue to gather information. We have spoken to Corey, and he is recovering in the hospital. Our thoughts are with Dwane Simmons’ family, friends and teammates and the rest of the Washburn community."

Please keep the families affected by this tragic situation in your prayers today. In other trending news, fans are also praying hard for one of “The View” co-hosts following her recent hospitalization.