Top Hillary Campaigners FIRED, Admitted Fraud Goes All The Way To Top

October 19, 2016Oct 19, 2016

While much of the mainstream media seems to be ignoring the undercover videos by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas that expose extreme corruption in Hillary Clinton's campaign, her own campaign acknowledged how damaging the videos are by firing the two key campaign operatives shown in the videos bragging about breaking all sorts of laws and ethics to help Hillary win.

But something that has more damaging implications for the days ahead is that both Scott Foval and Bob Creamer admit in the videos that their corrupt activities are known by and coordinated with the top levels of Hillary's campaign. The videos also show them crossing all sorts of lines to get the Hillary campaign, Hillary SuperPacs, and the Democratic National Committee colluding to assure a Hillary victory at the expense of candidate Bernie Sanders.

And now it appears that Creamer's connection to President Obama's administration was very strong.

According to The Daily Caller, White House records show Creamer visiting the president's mansion an incredible 342 times since 2009 — that's an average of about once a week for seven years. He also met personally with Obama 47 of those times.

According to CNN, which has actually mentioned the Project Veritas videos but relegated them to the back pages of their website, Creamer resigned from his position yesterday. In his second video, O'Keefe also reports that Foval has been fired.

What do you think of this?

Haven't seen O'Keefe's shocking videos? Here's the first one and the second one and the third one. He plans to release many more before Election Day.