Top Doctor Calls Transgender Agenda for Kids "Child Abuse"

July 10, 2017Jul 10, 2017

We all know that children have wild imaginations when they are young. It's part of the beauty of childhood. "I want to be a dinosaur," says Johnny. "I'm a bird!" says Lilly. But do we actually treat them as if they are truly meant to be those things inside, just because they feel that way at age 5? 

No! And yet a wave is starting to build in which parents, doctors, and schools are treating children's imaginations to be a different gender as very real fact--and are giving them life-altering puberty blocking drugs as young as elementary school! Such hormones have tremendous dangers, as they are unnatural; and what happens when the child decides that was just a phase? Sorry Jane, says mom: Too late, you're a boy now. 

Top pediatrician, Michelle Cretella, M.D., president of the American College of Pediatricians, is coming out in full opposition of this movement to push transgender ideology on children, even calling it "child abuse." She wrote an op-ed for the Daily Signal last week warning of the immense dangers of imposing puberty blockers on children, reports the Christian Post.

"The crux of the matter is that while the transition-affirming movement purports to help children, it is inflicting a grave injustice on them and their nondysphoric peers," Cretella stressed.

"Today's institutions that promote transition affirmation are pushing children to impersonate the opposite sex, sending many of them down the path of puberty blockers, sterilization, the removal of healthy body parts, and untold psychological damage," she added, emphasizing that all this creates "institutionalized child abuse."

Similarly, another report came out earlier this year from three experts in the field that admitted that not enough is known yet about children who want to be another gender.

"Psychologists do not understand what causes gender dysphoria in children and adolescents, or how to distinguish reliably between children who will only temporarily express feelings of being the opposite sex from children whose gender dysphoria will be more persistent," states the report, titled Growing Pains: Problems With Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria, published by quarterly journal The New Atlantis.

"Until much more is known about gender dysphoria, and until controlled clinical trials of puberty suppression are carried out, this intervention should be considered experimental," it adds. In fact, the report said that "to expose young people to such treatments is to endanger them."

And yet the growing narrative in our culture is that anyone (parent or otherwise) who would want to "suppress" a child's desire to be another gender is abusing them. But as this top doctor says, that couldn't be further from the truth. What do you think about this doctor's warning about pushing the transgender agenda on young children? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!