Adventure Seeking Daredevil Tragically Passes Away While in England

August 08, 2018Aug 08, 2018

An adventure seeking daredevil has just passed away. According to reports, Tony Bullimore died last week in Bristol, England. He was 79 years of age.

Tony is best known for being at the center of news headlines around the world in 1997. While on a mission to sail his boat around the globe, he ran into some terrible weather. He ultimately capsized his vessel and spent days at see breathing out of an air pocket before being rescued.

"Mr. Bullimore was 57 when he undertook the 1996-97 Vendée Globe, a solo around-the-world yacht race, in a 60-foot ketch named the Exide Challenger. The race, which takes several months, begins on the French coast, with the sailors going south and clockwise around the globe. In the Southern Ocean, off Antarctica, the weather was more than the Exide Challenger could withstand," reported the New York Times.

Once he was rescued, Tony opened up about the incident! He is truly lucky to be alive.

"“The keel came off like breaking a matchstick,” Mr. Bullimore told The Associated Press after his ordeal, describing the moment when the key stabilizing part of his boat broke. “It just went ‘snap.’ And within seconds, literally within a few seconds, the boat was sitting upside down with me sitting inside the boat, sitting and standing and sliding around on the roof, with water slowly seeping in," he said.

Upon his rescue, Bullimore began writing a book about his ordeal and continued to live an adventurous lifestyle. He was remembered at his funeral as someone who not only dreamed big but who actually lived big as well.

“I’ve never actually been afraid of dying,” he wrote. “I’ve heard people say that anyone who isn’t frightened of death is a fool, but I don’t agree. I can’t afford to get scared; I have to look at the situation and work out the logistics. That’s the only way I’m going to stay alive for a little longer — just in case they’re coming," he once said.

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