Tomi Lahren Takes The High Road, Responds To Assault At Restaurant In The Most Perfect Way

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May 24, 2018May 24, 2018

While dining with her mother and other members of her family recently, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was the subject of a vile attack.

Tomi was heckled by other patrons of the restaurant and was the subject of taunting and verbal harassment. She endured being called a ‘racist’ as well as other disparaging labels from the hateful mob.

While she was walking away from the embarrassing and unpleasant situation, a woman threw a glass of water at Tomi.

Shortly after the attack, President Trump came to Tomi’s defense. “Everybody is with Tomi Lahren, a truly outstanding and respected young woman!,” Trump tweeted.

Tomi responded to the attack on Twitter with hopes that people can put their political differences aside and act civil in society.

“I’m tough and I can handle it. My hope is that we as a country don’t have to resort to this nonsense over political differences.”

In a separate post on Instagram, Tomi thanked her supporters and President Trump for having her back. “Sometimes you rise from the ashes. Other times, you create them. Be the whole fire. Thanks to #TeamTomi and @realdonaldtrump and even a few of my harshest critics for having my back. I appreciate you! #TeamTomi #nobaddays#thankyou

Tomi has made a name for herself as a powerful, no nonsense, voice of reason in the political world with her shows and commentaries on One America News Network (OANN), the Blaze, and Fox News.

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