Tom Sandoval Shares Fourth of July Cocktail Recipe

Oh, how can you drink! Everyone’s favorite Bravo bartender Tom Sandoval is exclusively showing Us Weekly his go-to cocktail for the Fourth of July. The red, white and blue layered libation is the perfect “festive” addition for your holiday plans. Watch the exclusive video above to see how it’s done and scroll down for the full recipe.

Pro tip: Use crushed Ice. Although you can use cubed, Tom Tom’s restaurant and bar owner tells us that crushed ice gives his cocktail its polished look. He explained that you can use cubed ice. Use: ‘I just happen to have a crushed ice machine, so, I’m taking advantage of that.”

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The Fancy AF Cocktails Author also decorated the serving glasses with not one, but four garnishes.  “

We put the rim of the glass into simple syrup, and then you can use pop rocks or sprinkles, because it’s all about being festive on the fourth of July. Now, we have a beautiful rim job,” he explained.

To really impress his guests, he added a blueberry, raspberry, and white edible flower to the top of the layered cocktail.

Sandoval has more to share with you. Watch the video and scroll down to get his complete recipe.

Vanderpump Rules Tom Sandovals Red White and Boozy Cocktail for Fourth of July

Tom Sandoval

Tom Sandoval’s Star-Spangled Banner Cocktail 

Takes 1 drink


½ ounce simple syrup

Sprinkles or pop rocks

.75 oz. blue curacao

.75 oz. Fresh watermelon juice

1 oz. coconut vodka

¼ oz. coconut milk

Crushed ice

1 blueberry, 1 raspberry, 1 white edible flower to garnish


Spread a thin layer with simple syrup on a small plate. Then, spread a thin layer with pop rocks or sprinkles onto another small plate.

Dip the rim of a glass in the simple sugar and then roll in the sprinkles or pop rocks.

Add the blue curacao to your glass and then add crushed ice.

For a layer cocktail, place the back of the spoon on one side of the glass. Then, add the watermelon juice.

Mix coconut vodka with coconut milk in a jigger. Stir.

To add the vodka/milk mixture, use the spoon at the end of the serving bowl.

To garnish your drink, add a blueberry, raspberry, and white edible flower to a toothpick.