Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen Allegedly Moving Toward $650 Million Divorce, Unverified Insider Says

Are You Tom Brady Gisele BündchenActually, are they getting divorced? According to one report, their marriage is in danger of a $650 million divorce. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Cash Grab Is A Mood-Killer’

According to the National Enquirer, Bündchen and Brady are only putting on a happy face. Their obsession with money has put their marriage at risk. A source reveals, “Their businesses, particularly the endorsements, all hinge on them being this super couple and Tom being the number one guy in the NFL.”

Brady’s money streams rely on him playing on an MVP level, and that’s not going to be sustainable forever. An insider says, “They don’t really have a picture for what comes when Tom’s NFL career is over, at least not one that they’re sharing with anybody.”

The two aren’t thinking of vacations of the family anymore. Their thoughts are confined to making as much money as they can. An insider concludes, “They’re more concerned with cashing in to the max while they still can, which is needless for a couple as filthy rich as they are!”

What’s Going On With Tom And Gisele?

This story is all over the place because it can’t decide what angle it wants to take. It alludes to trouble between Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen over his career, but it actually makes them sound united in their goals. Although the story laments their obsession with money, it doesn’t say that either of them is unhappy about this situation.

In addition, the story repeatedly suggests that Brady must be a good football player for the family to make a living. This is despite the fact that the family is already extremely wealthy. Bündhcen was able to retire from her extremely lucrative career, so Brady should easily be able to do the same. If he chose to be an analyst, there isn’t a network on television that wouldn’t bid for his services.

Troy Polamalu, Brett Favre have been able to secure endorsements well beyond their playing careers. This is why this whole story is so absurd. Brady and Bündchen are doing just fine as any cursory glance on social media will prove.

Other Bogus Brady Stories

The EnquireA similar story was published just a few weeks back. There’s no $650 million divorce in the works, and it should really move on. Gossip CopIts Brady coverage is regularly debunked.

Back in March, it claimed Bündchen was livid with Brady for re-signing with Tampa Bay. This story came just weeks after the tabloid promised Bündchen would have another baby to celebrate Brady’s most recent Super Bowl win. These stories can’t really co-exist, but then, neither were remotely true.