Toddlers, 3 and 1, Found Alone Near Highway Two Days After Car Crash that Killed Their Mother

August 21, 2018Aug 21, 2018

A miraculous story is being reported out of Arkansas. Two young toddlers were just found near the freeway days after a car crash killed their mother.

"Authorities were only alerted after toddler Kylen Holliman, three, was spotted wandering along a busy motorway in Camden, Arkansas covered in cuts and bruises on Monday. Police from the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office took the tot in and posted a photo of him on their Facebook page in a bid to find his family," reported the Mirror.

The family members of the boys were luckily tracked down via social media. The family alerted police that they had not seen the mother of the two toddlers for a few days. Officials decided to investigate by going back to the spot where they originally found the wandering child.

"When they went back to the scene where Kylen was picked up, officers found the wreckage of a car at the bottom of a deep ravine, not visible from the road," reported the Mirror.

This is a miraculous situation but it is also heartbreaking. Please join us in praying for the family of these children as they mourn the loss of their mother.

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