Toddler Falls into Pool, Incredible Happens

June 07, 2017Jun 07, 2017

On Tuesday afternoon in Florida a toddler inadvertently plunged into a backyard pool, where she quickly fell beneath the water line, screaming as she slipped under.

Officers believe the two-year-old girl had crawled out a doggy door after discovering that all the windows and doors were locked. A neighbor luckily heard her cries for help, and he looked over the fence to investigate.

When Dale Rhodes heard the scream, he looked over the fence and discovered that another neighbor had pulled “a baby out of the pool,” he told Fox News

Rhodes hopped the fence to help. He and the other neighbor called 911 while the two took turns performing CPR in an effort to resuscitate her. Rhodes and the other neighbor continued CPR for several tense minutes, until the girl showed signs of life.

“The eyelids were barely open, slitted. … And then she grabbed a breath,” he said.

Paramedics arrived on scene and quickly rushed the girl to the hospital. Rhodes said that when he last spoke to the family, the toddler was in intensive care.

Neither Rhodes nor anyone else on the scene were aware of how long the toddler had remained in the water. If it had not been for Rhodes quick response, as well as the response of another neighbor, the girl may not have survived the drowning. Palm Bay Police are investigating.

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