Today should always be our favorite day

Life can be quite funny. Sometimes the best way to approach life is to simply laugh. I believe that if we can learn how to laugh at our mistakes and find a way for us to laugh despite the difficulties we face, then we can finally experience the joy that comes with living.

I myself may not have the best life in the world, but I make the most of what I’ve got.

I’ve been unemployed for over a year now, and the job market only seems to be getting worse. All my bills have been paid and I must find a way next month to pay for school books. I’m seriously considering selling most of my possessions just to make ends meet.

However, none of that matters. It doesn’t matter what I do, but it does matter that I do my best and have fun with the rest. And when I’m laughing, people know it. I don’t try to hide my laugh, or laugh at only an appropriate level.

I laugh as hard as I feel merited, and it feels great!I know that no matter what problems I may face, the end result doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t matter what I do, it matters that I smile every day.

It’s funny how life can be taken too seriously. I know many people that stress about every aspect of their life if it’s not going exactly how they expected it to. Why worry about it?

Life is chaotic and beautiful, and it doesn’t run on any of our schedules. Yet, I am constantly struck by the people who try to keep their lives comfortable. Being comfortable shouldn’t be a struggle, and also, being comfortable shouldn’t be the goal.

Knowing where you want to be is not a bad thing, and trying to live an organized life isn’t bad either, it’s trying to steer life and control it that weighs down the most on people. It’s like swimming upstream, it’s hard, and it wears you down.

We have to learn to let the river take us when our struggles aren’t fixing anything.

Our problems are our problem. I’m not referring to illness, or disease, or any issues that our just beyond our control, I mean most people who are constantly stressing over life.

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It also takes away time that could be spent enjoying life and not trying to change something that is already natural. We hear many stories about people whose lives were cut short because they were too busy with other things.

It can be stressful and hectic. But there are always ways to enjoy your life and take some time for yourself.

It’s possible to disconnect from the world for a while, turn off your mind, and simply feel life. It’s possible anywhere, by anyone.

All the plans we make and all the jobs we do to purchase the things we need are meaningless. All of it doesn’t matter in the end.

Teaching our children to love and live life is just as important than teaching them responsibility. We place too high a value on the things that don’t really matter, and it’s killing our spirits.

We are caging ourselves with our schedules, and all our stuff, that we aren’t able to experience the freedom that every man woman and child is inherently entitled to.

You came into this world with that freedom, and society slowly starts changing your mind, it should then become your life’s purpose to reclaim that freedom.

Don’t be afraid to live, because if you don’t then what’s the point of our time spent here? It is possible to conquer fear, but regret at missing out on such an amazing gift can be much more difficult.

Every day should be embraced as a gift. Enjoy every moment of your life, you won’t be able to turn them back.

They are present and now, there is no tomorrow or yesterday. There is only today. Planning our lives is difficult because we plan for all the tomorrows and forget about the importance today.

One of my favorites quotes is actually a Winnie the Pooh quote.

“What day is it?”, asked Winnie the Pooh
“It’s today,” squeaked Piglet
“My favorite day,” said Pooh

It is simple, but it truly captures the beauty of our time. Today should always be our favorite. We should always be making the most out of today and letting tomorrow take its course.

Tomorrow will come, and it will pass. But what you do today is the most important thing. Our lives are made up of a series of todays. Today was a good day. I laughed a lot and smiled even more. I also spent time with people who I love.

What did YOU do today?

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