TMZ Defends Joel Osteen Over Recent Flooding Comment

August 28, 2017Aug 28, 2017

As virtually every headline on Joel Osteen today subjects the famous televangelist to strict scrutiny, one unlikely website is coming to his defense. 

According to TMZ, Osteen is justified in not opening the doors of his 17,000-seat church to help with rescue efforts. The flood surrounding it won't permit him to use it currently, they say. 

"The mega-televangelist is catching flak for tweeting about his hometown flood, but not doing anything to help out -- especially because his megachurch could shelter thousands of people displaced by the rising water," writes the website. "Church officials say this one's out of Joel's hands though -- and point out the streets surrounding the church are already so flooded ... Lakewood is inaccessible."

They continue, "The church used to be the Compaq Center sports arena, and sits along a highway ... part of which is currently under water. The floodwater wasn't clear in a photo tweeted Monday morning."


Other websites, however, haven't been so kind to the mega-televangelist. And many defenders and critics of the man have voiced on Twitter their concern over his decision to keep the doors closed. According to critics, Osteen is indeed able to use his church, which makes the decision morally questionable, especially for a prominent religious leader.

Criticism of Osteen has occurred in light of the recent hurricane that hammered the south. Devastation has swept throughout the Texas coast since late Friday evening. Although the initial damage of the hurricane winds have passed, Houston and surrounding areas are suffering immensely, and are currently dealing with the cost and destruction of historic flooding. 

Christians throughout the heaviest-hit areas are going to the streets to help those who are victim of extreme flooding. 

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