Tired Of Cops Being Targeted, So Are The People Who Put Up THIS Billboard

July 20, 2016Jul 20, 2016

Police officers around the country are being viciously targeted and murdered by anti-white and anti-police groups at an alarming rate. The mainstream media and liberal politicians have continued to censor the intentions of the attackers and praise the race activists whose rhetoric has lead to the attacks.

As the protests against police continue in light of the recent murder of police, one group has had enough of the hatred. According to The Star Press, a billboard was erected in Muncie, Indiana that aimed to make the anti-cop protestors come face to face with common sense.

In big bold letters the billboard read: “Hate Cops? The Next Time You Need Help, Call A Crackhead.”


Instead of taking offense to the murder of police officers some people took offense to the billboard itself, saying that it was “vulgar” and “discriminatory.” By the next day, the billboard had been taken down.

It is a sad day in America when people are more offended by truthful words than by cold-blooded murder of first responders. The people that hate police officers and spew hatred and violent rhetoric towards them should absolutely not call them when they are in trouble.