Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

January 13, 2018Jan 13, 2018

For millions of Americans, January signals a fresh start and a change to their lives. Thousands of people make New Year's resolutions in hopes of improving themselves or making positive changes in their lives.

For many, New Year's day begins the start of diets and weight transformations. With the holidays in the past, Americans focus on slimming down and getting ready for summer. However, successful dieting isn't always the easiest thing to accomplish. Here are some mistakes people can avoid making in order to see better results.

A major mistake a lot of people make is eating while cooking. Even though some don't realize it, munching on snacks while fixing dinner can lead to larger calorie intakes than anticipated. One expert suggests snacking on raw vegetables instead of crackers and treats.

"In my experience, the desire for sweets is often fueled by emotions, such as the need for reward or comfort. If that’s the case, focus on the feelings, not the food. If you can find other healthy ways of meeting your emotional needs, your desire to indulge may naturally wane (check out my previous post 5 Ways to Shut Down Emotional Eating). And if you really just need a treat, opt for a few tasting squares of dark chocolate, or make room for occasional desserts by cutting the carbs and fat in your meal, which is what most desserts are made from," said one expert.

In addition, a lot of people think they have to make major changes and stick to drastic diets. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. Just remember to do your best and try to make at least one positive change per day. Remember, it's important to be realistic about your diet, your end goal, and to take small steps to accomplish it.

Best of luck on your resolutions! Let us know if you've had troubles with the mistakes we just mentioned. Also, feel free to let us know about some great tips that have helped you. In other news, a sports legend has just passed away with his family right by his side. 

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