'TIME' Just Released Their 'Person of the Year' Finalists

December 04, 2017Dec 04, 2017

Every year, "TIME" magazine awards someone with the honor of "Person of the Year." This tradition has been going on since 1927. 

The selection is based on who has had the most significant influence in the news and in the world over the past year. That influence can be "for good or ill." Last year, President Trump was given the award just after he ran a successful campaign and became the president-elect. 

The selection does not have to be one specific person. In recent years, the title has been given to a group representing a major concept. In 2015, the award was given to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In 2014, it was given to Ebola fighters. 

On the TODAY show, "TIME" revealed their list of finalists for this year's "Person of the Year." Below are the final options (in no particular order):

President Donald Trump

President Trump was nominated for the second year in a row. He recently expressed his thoughts about being considered for the award for the second year. 


Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the founder and chief executive of Amazon.com. He is the richest person in the world and his net worth topped $100 billion last month. Additionally, he owns The Washington Post. 

Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping was elected to office in 2012. In October, the Communist Party elected to elevate Xi's status to that of its founder, Mao Zedong. Xi's name and ideas were written into the party's constitution. 

Colin Kaepernick

The former NFL player started a movement of protesting during the pre-game national anthem. The protests escalated this fall when dozens of football players opted to sit or kneel during the national anthem. The protests caused Kaepernick his spot in the NFL and he has since filed a collusion grievance against the organization. 

The Dreamers

This group includes the 800,000 undocumented immigrants who have been in the United States since childhood. They were previously protected under DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Earlier this fall, President Trump announced that he was working to rescind the program. 

Patty Jenkins

The "Wonder Woman" director created the biggest domestic opening in history for a female director. Additionally, Jenkins was the first female director of an American studio superhero movie. 

Mohammed bin Salman

Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia was crowned in June. The 32-year-old has been described as one of the most dynamic royals, as his actions are "revolutionary" but sometimes "reckless."

The #MeToo Movement

This social media movement escalated when reports emerged about sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Thousands of women took to social media to spread awareness about harassment. 

Robert Mueller

Mueller was appointed in May as the special counsel to investigate the Russian government's efforts in the 2016 election. The former FBI director recently made headlines after linking former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to Russian officials. 

Kim Jong Un

The leader of North Korea has been in an ongoing, rage-filled words battle with President Trump. The concern over his arsenal of missiles and nuclear weapons landed him on this list, assumingly in the "for ill" category.

The magazine will announce their winner on Wednesday. Who do you think should be Person of the Year? Let us know on Facebook. In other recent news, a Wall Street executive was just tragically killed in a shark attack. 

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