Tim Tebow Shares Powerful Message About God in Midst of Hurricane Irma

September 11, 2017Sep 11, 2017

Following the devastation Hurricane Harvey left along the Texas coast in August, another hurricane struck U.S. grounds in the beginning of September. Hurricane Irma first made landfall in Southern Florida late evening on September 9th and has gradually been moving its way up Florida’s West coast since then.

As the tropical storm continues with millions of power outages and the start of massive flooding in certain areas, authorities are taking action to hopefully prevent another great tragedy. Harvey resulted in over 70 people dead and hundreds of thousands of properties destroyed; the thought of this many lives being lost again and more severe property damage is truly terrifying to our nation.

In the midst of Hurricane Irma, Christian sports star Tim Tebow shared a very powerful message about God and prayer for those being affected in Florida. Tebow grew up in the area and clearly has a heart for the troubles Floridians are currently dealing with. Previously, Tebow also helped get the word out for Florida’s urgent volunteer needs.

On Monday September 11th, Tebow posted a video on Twitter stating, he is praying for the state. He began, “I know there’s a lot of people hurting right now, but the awesome thing is that we’re going to rally together and try to help everybody. We’re praying for you.”

He stopped to show a tree crashed into one of his friend’s houses as a result from the strong and intense storm winds. The tall tree completely fell over on top of the roof, and he points out that this is only one small example of what’s happening throughout the rest of the Sunshine State.

He continued, “I know it’s a tough time for so many people, but just know we’re praying for you. God’s got a plan through everything, so keep trusting Him. God bless you guys!” Watch Tim Tebow’s powerful message below.


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