Tim Tebow REVEALS How You May Be Underestimating God

April 09, 2016Apr 09, 2016

Tim Tebow is a heavyweight in the world of Christian role models.  He continually speaks out about his faith in the hopes of inspiring all who listen to serve God. 

Tebow recently spoke to a large crowd at the Northside Christian Church in Fresno, California. He told the crowd that no one is beyond the reach of God and that everyone has a purpose in the eyes of the Lord.

“You think God can’t use you because you don’t feel qualified to be used?” Tebow asked the crowd. “Now you are just underestimating God. It didn’t matter if he had one loaf and a half a fish, God could have still done the same with it.”

Tebow also issued a challenge to the audience to become active role models in their communities and relationships.

“You might think, ‘I’m not a role model. There aren’t these people that are looking up to me,” Tebow said. “And my response to that is there is probably someone who is looking up to you. There is someone that their life is going to be changed because of you. The question is, is it going to be changed for the better or the worse?”