Fans Over the Moon for Tim Tebow After Major Announcement, New Skies on the Horizon

August 15, 2018Aug 15, 2018

Fans across America are cheering on famous Christian athlete Tim Tebow after he made an exciting announcement. He revealed that he will be adding another job to his long list of successful endeavors. 

Tebow, who just turned 31 years old on August 14, revealed that he served as the executive producer for a new movie, "Run the Race." He worked on the film with his older brother, Robby Tebow. 

According to USA Today, the Heisman Trophy winner and best-selling author has been working on the movie that finished its film production in April. Over the last few months, the movie has been in post-production. 

According to reports, the movie is about two fictional high school brothers who have a difficult upbringing. One of the brothers receives a college scholarship to play football but is unable to due to an injury, something that Tebow is extremely familiar with. The other brother ends up running track. The entire movie is focused on what happens  "when you run to- instead of from- the love of God."

When asked about the film, Tebow said, "It's exciting. I've received a lot of scripts over the years. But I haven't always wanted to be in filmmaking. I want to do the right films, films that will encourage or inspire or move people."

Tebow also spoke out about his unique influence in the film because of the common storyline. 

He said, "There are a lot of similarities in my life between two brothers supporting one another, having each other's back, believing in one another. My family and my brother have always given me so much support.  That's made such a big impact on me being able to go after my dreams."

Screenwriter and producer Jake McEntire was the one who originally had the idea of getting the Tebow brothers involved with the film. Robby said that they "jumped on the opportunity, wholeheartedly."

When asked if Tim Tebow would want to move into acting in the future, the athlete said, "I have thought about it from time to time. I'm waiting for the right role that would click with my personality and my heart. It's something I would be open to maybe one day."

What do you think about this new opportunity for Tebow? Share your thoughts! In other recent news, a dangerous chemical was just discovered in several popular cereals and snacks. Officials are warning parents to steer clear!