Tim Tebow Hits The Golf Course For Charity, Raises Millions For Children

March 20, 2016Mar 20, 2016

Tim Tebow’s days of playing football may be over, but he is still reaching millions of people across the country through the practice of his faith and his heart for those in need.

Tebow recently raised over $1 million dollars for 7 of his charities that help children.  The charity event was the annual “Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Gala and Golf Classic”. 

According to Christiandaily.com, the event was held in Jacksonville and featured Marcus Allen, Urban Meyer, part of the Duck Dynasty cast, Lou Holtz, and Ashley Benson.

The golf event was the 6th time that it had been held and to date his annual golf tournaments have raised over $6.5 million for his many charities.

The winner of the tournament, other than the children, was 1996 Heisman trophy winner Danny Wuerffel.  He defeated Al Robertson of Duck Dynasty in a playoff.