TikTok influencer raises $200K for Uber driver who helped her after robbery at music festival

Becca Moore, a TikTok user, went to Coachella in search of good music and fun. Unfortunately, her life took a terrible turn when her phone, wallet, and keys were stolen.

In the now-viral three-minute TikTok video that has garnered over 3.3 million views, Becca, 23, said she thought the guy was hitting on her, but as it turns out, he had other motives—to steal from her.

Becca was left without a ride or money to inform her family and friends about her whereabouts after the Indio festival, Califonia.


Her friend’s hotel called her an Uber so she could get to a local store to buy a new phone. Her driver, Raul Torres, picked her up.

As Becca would later realize, it’s no coincidence that their paths crossed.

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Raul of Fresno, California, wasn’t just a regular Uber driver but one who goes the extra mile for anyone in need.

Uber driver Raul Torres and Becca Moore holding up a copy of the police report she filed on a robber

“A normal Uber driver takes you to a place and then drops you off. He insisted on coming in with me and making sure that I was going to have a ride after that,” Becca said.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get a new phone because she didn’t have access to her current plan. Luckily for Becca, she wouldn’t have to deal with this emergency on her own.

Raul took Raul to the police station to file an investigation. With the help and assistance of the authorities, they were eventually able to locate the Airbnb that the thief was staying.

The police let them inside the room to search for the phone, but they couldn’t find it.

Disappointed, Becca and Raul decided to take a breather from their quest by getting some margaritas paid for by Raul “just because he’s an angel on this Earth,” said his grateful passenger.

Becca Moore and Raul Torres having margaritas in a restaurant

Raul shared his personal story about Mayra, his daughter, who had been battling cancer and had just finished chemotherapy. That’s why he’s working as an Uber driver.

“He told me all he wants is for his daughter to have a normal end to her senior year, and to be able to go to big events like prom and graduation,” Becca said in another TikTok video.

Raul was also taking care of his dad, who had cancer.

Upon hearing the driver’s story, Becca admired him even more for his decision to give up his entire day to make sure she got home safe.

After they had finished their drinks, the couple resumed their search. Raul drove her back to the robber’s Airbnb, where she found her phone sitting on top of the gate. Becca believes that the thief left her phone after realizing that the authorities were involved.

Becca Moore and Raul Torres

Becca got her phone back, but Raul wasn’t done. He also helped her to rent a car so that she could drive home.

After eight hours, the search was finally over.

“Raul ended his Uber shift that morning to spend his day helping me, expecting nothing in return,” she said.

This time, it was Becca’s turn to do something for the Good Samaritan. She asked her 800K TikTok fans to donate to the GoFundMe she created for Raul. It has raised over $200,000 so far!

The Torres family

“When I was in the car with him it seemed like we were both so focused on my situation. We were talking about me getting a cell phone and other things that didn’t matter. And he completely glazed over the fact that his daughter and his dad were the ones that needed help,” she said.

Sadly, on April 29, Raul’s father succumbed to cancer. The family needs all the help possible to cover the funeral costs.

GoFundMe to support the Torres Family

Becca will tell the story of Raul’s help to her.

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