Tiffany Moon Wanted to ‘Make Friends’ and ‘Not Implode’ ‘RHOD’

We are grateful for the break. It was announced that the 2021 Olympics would be held. Real Housewives of Dallas Would not return for a sixth series, something that a newcomer would. Tiffany MoonWas happy to leave behind.

“We had shot testing scenes for a potential next season and I actually invited two of my real friends to be on the cast and shot testing scenes with them,” Tiffany, 38, said on the Friday, September 23 episode of Us Weekly’s “Getting Real with the Housewives” podcast. “But, for whatever reason they decided to put the show on a hiatus, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m so relieved.’ It just, it took up so much time and, you know, I’m,  I am a conflict-prone person so it was difficult for me to deal with people and solve problems. When they made the decision for us, I was like, ‘Hallelujah.’

Jonathan Zizzo/Bravo

Her former costar D’Andra Simmons Telled Us Weekly in November 2021 that the anesthesiologist felt like the cancellation was “her fault,” however, Tiffany explained that was not her intention.

“I called her [D’Andra] and I was like ‘How do you feel about the show being put on hiatus?’ And she was like, ‘I’m really disappointed.’ I said part of it probably is because of all the drama that happened on and off camera with me and some of the other castmates, one in particular,” Tiffany told Us. “My intention was not to implode the show. My intention was to go on, make new friends and have a good time and then all that drama happened, and I said, ‘I’m so sorry if you think that I may have had any part to do with having the show not come back.’ She was like, ‘No, I don’t blame you at all.’”

Tiffany admitted she would return to the Bravo series if D’Andra, 53, and a new cast were to join, but for right now, she is featured on the BspokeTV show The Reality of Love alongside former Real Housewives of Orange County stars Meghan King and Elizabeth Lynn Vargas.

“I had never met any of them before. They were all from the OC and I never watched that franchise, so I didn’t have any preconceived notions of them, Tiffany explained. “When I met them, they were just normal women, moms, entrepreneurs that I was meeting. I wasn’t like, ‘Oh, you’re the girl that had this this happen on TV.’ So, we just started with a clean slate, and they were all wonderful.”

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