Thug Who Destroyed Trump's Star Isn't Laughing Anymore, Gets Rocked By Charges

August 30, 2018Aug 30, 2018

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. His policy issues and speeches have divided the nation and many do not agree with him.

One young man recently decided to take out his hate for the President by bashing his Hollywood star to pieces. The shocking incident was captured on video. Many supporters of the President were outraged by the footage.

"That star has been vandalized several times since Trump entered the political scene in 2015, and was most recently destroyed in July by a man with a pickax in an incident that was caught on video and resulted in the man’s arrest," according to the Western Journal.

The man responsible for the criminal act has now been identified. He is Austin Clay, a native of California. However, things are probably not all they once seemed for Austin. He is now being charged with a felony for vandalism.

If convicted, Clay could face up to three years behind bars. Many supports of President Trump want him to receive the full sentence for his actions.

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