Three Confirmed Dead So Far in Massive Apartment Fire, Several Injured or Stuck Inside

July 14, 2017Jul 14, 2017

Friday a massive fire broke out in a Honolulu, HI apartment building. So far there are three confirmed casualties.

This 5-alarm fire is being fought by over 60 firefighters. It started in the 26th floor of the Marco Polo high rise apartment building but has spread to other floors and several units. 

There are several injured people and three deaths that have been reported by the fire department so far. There are also reports coming out saying that people are stuck inside the building.

Troy Yasuda, resident of a building across the street said that the people that were evacuated were “choking from the smoke”.

It has been an “orderly evacuation” according to security guard Leonard Rosa. The fire has not yet been contained, as of 5:30pm Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone.

Please keep the residents and the firefighters in your prayers.