Three good things: people opening up adventure for all – FFA

2. Dwayne fields, the first black Briton at the North Pole

Dwayne Fields was born in Jamaica and moved to the UK at age six. His formative years were spent living in London’s inner-city, where he was the victim of both knife crime and gun crime. Fields made the decision that he would change his entire life after a life-threatening incident. Fields grew up in Jamaican forests and hills, and was passionate about nature and wildlife. He wanted to return to this part his life. 

Fields was determined to be the first black Briton at the magnetic north pole, so he set himself a challenge in 2010. Fields completed the trip. He has been a tireless advocate for young people who want to explore the great outdoors. 

He now plans on taking disadvantaged young people across the UK on life-changing journeys with #WeTwo FoundationHe co-founded the charity, ”. 

The inaugural expedition – with 10 teenagers onboard – is planned to set sail for Antarctica in 2022, in what he says will be the world’s first carbon-negative expedition of its kind. 

Fields also promotes carbon-conscious behaviours, hence his motto: “It’s about planting seeds, not flags”.

Image by Michael Wharley