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London through an immigrant lens

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Thames: we know what to expect from a typical tour of London, but three excursions now offer an immigrant’s perspective. 

Led by women from Albania, Ethiopia and Morocco, the tours discuss customs and traditions from the women’s home countries and how these influence immigrant communities in London. 

Sefanit, Ella, and Kaoutar arrived in Britain with very little money, limited English, and no connections. They were mentored and trained by the Women in Travelsocial enterprise, before the company Intrepid Urban Adventures launched the tours.

Each experience includes food and drink. You can learn how to make Moroccan mint tea or a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Tours last between 45 minutes and 2.5 hours and cost between £19–£82. 

“When I came to London, I missed the relationships I had in Morocco: family, shopkeepers, everyone,” said Kaoutar Hafsi (pictured), who leads the Moroccan experience. “This tour is about connection and togetherness experienced through Moroccan traditions.” 

Image: Intrepid Urban Adventures