Thousands of Women Converge on US Capitol in Historic Gathering of Prayer

October 11, 2017Oct 11, 2017

For four days, thousands of women gathered at the nation’s capital to help usher in a new era in America. The event, called “Rise Up!” culminated Monday at the D.C. Mall despite inclement weather. Tens of thousands of women prayed, crying out to God for their children, families and for their nation.

According to CBN News, the event has its genesis in “The Call” founder Lou Engle, who said he had a dream where a massive gathering of women stood together to help save their nation, likening it to Esther in the Bible, who was called to save her people.

“There were certain powers of darkness in America that could only be broken by women, it was the hour where witches worldwide were cursing President Trump and this feminist movement rising that is not founded on the word of God, is funding Planned Parenthood and I knew it was the time to call the Esthers,” said Engle.

The women, rather than espousing pro-abortion sentiment, which has plagued the nation for several decades, cried out to God to end legal abortion. They put tape over their mouths and wrote the word “life” on it to represent the silent cries of the unborn.

“Women are going to shift the culture of life in America—shift that Supreme Court—and we will see the day when a memorial will be on the mall, remembering that abortion is no more,” said Engle before the crowd.

“God is saying it is the hour for women, and in many ways, women turn the tide of history. We need you, women of God, right now, to give birth to a new day of salvation in America,” he said.

Christian authors, musicians and college students are among the women who attended the event, having been inspired by its theme and message. Christian author and speaker Lisa Bevere was one of them.

“Feminists come together, but they only come together for what benefits women. God will not bless what does not benefit all so I think that’s what makes this a very historic gathering.”

Nicole Mullen, a Christian music artist, echoed Bevere’s words. She shed light on the purpose of the gathering.

“After they put out the vision of ‘we’re calling the Deborahs and Esthers to come to DC to cry out on behalf of life and of each other and just breaking down the divide, the racial divide that exists,’ when they put that call out, I was like absolutely, absolutely. If I have to ride a bicycle, I’m coming!” said Mullen.

Regent University student Jasmine added some perspective on the event, saying that though in the past the church has had a problem with women leading, but this showed that women can be feminine and still be leaders who can “follow Christ and bring the church into its higher calling,” she said.

Please pray for our nation, and for our women, that America would respond to the call of Esther. Find out how devastating the fires are that are happening in northern California, and please pray for the families affected by them. 

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