Thought The Washington Mall Shooting Was Islamic Terrorist Attack? Well, Guess What...

September 29, 2016Sep 29, 2016

Last week, 20-year-old Arcan Cetin shot five people to death in a mall attack in Burlington, Washington. The mainstream media was quick to report that Cetin was a Hispanic man with mental health issues, shoving aside suspicions that he was an Islamic terrorist.

Well, guess what's now been revealed.

According to Heavy, the Turkish — not Hispanic — native is a supporter of ISIS. An analysis of social media posts by Cetin revealed numerous instances where he praised ISIS and Al Qaeda and used Muslim phrases. He also appears to be a fan of Hitler and a supporter of Hillary Clinton for president.

Added to all that, he also faces an investigation into allegations that he voted illegally multiple times in U.S. elections.

While there has been no indication that he is formally connected to ISIS or was trained to be a terrorist, it appears he was a fanboy and may have been inspired by them to massacre mall customers and employees in a type of attack we've seen other Islamic terrorists do in recent years.