Legendary CEO Who Used Faith to Guide Him After Billy Graham Crusade Dies at 94

January 28, 2019Jan 28, 2019

The sad news was confirmed that a God-fearing former CEO, Thomas L. Phillips, has passed away. Phillips was responsible for turning Raytheon Co. into a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

According to the Boston Globe, Phillips passed away earlier this month at the age of 94. Now, people are speaking out about the amazing legacy that Phillips has left behind.

At the age of 40, Phillips became Raytheon’s president. He often talked about the fact that trust and integrity were two key components to running a successful company. Through his humble leadership, he turned the company into a “global defense technology leader.”

Phillips was known for his amazing leadership traits but more than that, his strong Christian faith.

Thomas A. Kennedy, Raytheon’s current CEO, said, “It was under Tom’s vision and leadership that Raytheon grew into a global defense technology leader- a legacy we continue to build upon to this day. Tom was a link to Raytheon’s past and future.”

According to reports, Phillips attended a Billy Graham crusade a few years after he became CEO of Raytheon. It was there that he “responded to the call.”

About that experience, Phillips said, “I knew it was all different from that point on. I walked out into New York City and it was raining slightly and everything was beautiful. It was just an amazing experience.”

Not only did Phillips make a profound impact in his technological field, but he also led several people to the Lord. One such person was his good friend, Charles Colson, who served as special counsel to President Richard M. Nixon.

Colson said, “He led me to Christ. What had happened in his life became a model in my own.”

After his conversion, Colson founded the Prison Fellowship, an international outreach organization for inmates and former prisoners.

Phillips always commented about how his faith was the leading decision maker for him when it came to business.

Please be praying for Phillips' family during this time. He was a solid example of how someone can incorporate faith and business. Share your prayers here. In other recent news, the First Couple just celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. See Melania's gorgeous, elaborate wedding dress