Thomas Markle Blasts Daughter Meghan, Prince Harry In New Interview

Thomas MarkleHas long been dissatisfied with his daughter. Meghan, and her husband Prince HarryWell-known. Since the birth of the royal couple’s firstborn, Archie, Thomas has publicly pleaded with – and sometimes threatened – them to allow him to meet his grandchild. Thomas has now retracted his previous statements that he would sue the royal couple to get visitation rights for his grandchildren, after Harry and Meghan welcomed Lilibet Diana.

Thomas Markle is Out at Daughter Meghan

It’s no secret that there’s a rift between Thomas and Meghan Markle so wide that an entire ocean could fill it. After it was revealed that Thomas was paid to pose for photos, the two fell apart. 

Their relationship continued to deteriorate after Thomas sent a letter to a British tabloid along with a letter from his child. As he’s continued to talk to the media about his daughter and son-in-law, his commentary has become increasingly negative. 

In a recent interview, Good Morning Britain, Thomas once again blasted his estranged daughter, calling her and her husband “childish” for cutting off contact with him. “Eventually she’ll start talking to me. This is way too childish, this is kind of silly,” he complained to anchors Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid. “It’s time to talk with each other, we’re family. The kids are going to grow up without knowing they have two families.” 

Prince Harry and Meghan are having a change of heart.

He said that all their hurts should have been healed between them. “This is more than just me and my daughter now — this is me, my daughter, her husband, and two babies,” Thomas continued. “So it’s time to do something. To talk.” This is an entirely different tone than the one Thomas used earlier this year when he suggested he could possibly sue his daughter in order to see his grandchildren. 

Though he insisted in this latest interview that he’d been contacted by “several lawyers” in California who said he’d have a good chance of winning the case, he now said it was a route he was hesitant to take. “People have suggested in California I could sue to see my grandkids,” he explained, “But I think if I did that I’d be doing the same thing Meghan and Harry are doing.” This last comment might have been in reference to Harry and Meghan’s recent lawsuits, some of which have been quite successful in court. 

Thinking Of The Children

He went on to comment, “I don’t want to include my grandchildren in this situation, I want to see my grandchildren with friendly parents and friendship all around.” Thomas added that he’d decided to wait before taking any sort of drastic court action because he didn’t “want hostile parents when seeing my grandchildren.”

He may have a point there, especially since he’s continued to blast his daughter and son-in-law, even in the same interview where he pleaded to be able to see his grandchildren. “I think Harry has abandoned the queen, his grandmother, the royal family, the British people, and the Army,” Thomas sniped. “He’s abandoned them all. All he does now is ride a bicycle around the neighborhood… I don’t know if it’s much of a life for him either. It doesn’t make sense.” With these continued negative comments, it seems unlikely that any inroads will be built between the estranged father and daughter.