This Woman Had An Abortion. After Watching The Planned Parenthood Videos, She Said This...

August 16, 2015Aug 16, 2015

It's not a baby, it’s just a blob of tissue, right?

That's what Karen Perez thought. After getting married, she had an abortion and thought nothing of it. Until she got pregnant again later and saw her baby on the ultrasound, as reports.

“It was just a blob of tissue. And I believed that, I believed that it was just a blob of tissue,” Perez said, “until five years later when we had a child — we had three more children — and I saw the ultrasound, and I saw the little hands and the little feet.”

After watching the videos showing Planned Parenthood callously sorting aborted baby body parts and talking about manipulating abortions to get the best specimens (reportedly to sell), Perez felt memories and emotions she wished to forget.

"These videos are opening up a lot of memories for a lot of women," Perez says.

But she's actually happy the videos are out.  I’m so happy that we’re finally able to see what we knew all along that these are our babies. These are babies! said Perez. She now works with women who've had abortions, helping them through the pain.

These videos are bringing up a lot of pain in a lot of women.  We need to pray for them to heal and pray that women would not want to abort their babies but would have such an intense love for them, no matter the circumstances.

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