School Gets BIG LEAGUE Results After It Trashes Michelle Obama's Lunch Plan

February 21, 2017Feb 21, 2017

The topic of school lunches has been a hot topic in the recent months. Schools and students have been seeing the effects of such a standardized policy in regards to what is served in cafeterias across the nation. 

Since Obama has left office, some schools are taking matters into their own hands and switching up what has been served from the past 8 years. 

A school in Pensylvania, Penn-Trafford High School, decided to forgo Michelle Obama's lunch program and also the $40,000 of federal funding that goes along with it. They are now offering a free-market type of lunch program where students are offered sensible choices and can take what they would like. 

The results have been nothing but positive! They have seen in the past trash cans full of the food students were forced to take and then thrown away. Participation has even risen from 25% to 45%, with their sales actually reaching $50,000 already this year. 

Bret Lago, the school district business manager expanded on this topic by explaining:

“Kids at that age, they’re a little more informed and better at making smart choices for themselves because we still have a lot of healthy options. But as far as meal guidelines, you can’t say that a 300-pound football player and a 90-pound cheerleader have the same (dietary) needs on a daily basis.”

Students and school administration are happy to see the changes and one student, Brianna Lander, has even said that "People actually leave full now." 

What do you think about this school switching from Michelle Obama's school lunch plan?

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