THIS Politically Correct Outrage Has Infiltrated The Navy

January 20, 2016Jan 20, 2016

Political correctness has run amok in America for the past couple of years.  The mainstream media and social justice warriors have teamed up to declare war on anything that resembles values, race, gender, and religion.

The war on gender has even infiltrated the armed forces.  According to the Blaze, the United States Navy is entertaining a proposal to remove and replace the word “Midshipman” because of the “man” part of the title.

Kyleanne Hunter, founder of Think Broader and a former Marine Corps pilot thinks the change is needed to make women feel welcome.  “Having a word like ‘infantryman’ still there implies that if you want to do that job, you have to become like a man and have to become mannish and you have to do it in a masculine way,” Hunter said.  “Making a lot of these terms gender-neutral is really going to help women see the military as a road to citizenship and as a way to execute their civic duties as well in ways that they haven’t been able to in the past.”

Navy officials are expected to have a list of alternative and less “offensive” names by the beginning of April.

Do you think this politically correct agenda has gone too far?