THIS Percentage Of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Is Serious Problem

September 25, 2015Sep 25, 2015

Despite support from pop culture and the left, a majority of Americans do think illegal immigration is a serious problem.

According to MRCTV, the YouGov survey found the most Americans would also support new ways to assist in the deportation of illegal immigrants, such as setting up a hotline to report them.

51% of respondents see illegal immigration as a "very serious" problem, 26% find it "somewhat serious," and 15% see it as only a "minor problem."


The survey also found that:
48% of people would support the government “actively searching for illegal immigrants."
50% would consider reporting an employer who hired illegal immigrants.
52% would support a pathway to citizens if illegal immigrants "pass background checks, pay fines, and have jobs.”
61% think it's highly unlikely or impossible for the government to seek out and deport most illegal immigrants.