This Pennsylvania School Received A Gift That Left Them Speechless

January 19, 2015Jan 19, 2015

An elementary school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was recently featured in a local newspaper. The report shared that Lingelbach Elementary didn't have enough money in their budget for basic materials like paper for students.

According to a recent Good News Network article, "At first, readers responded by sending in reams of paper to Lingelbach Elementary. But then thousands of dollars in donations started arriving - enough to update books in their library and provide supplies to every teacher."

Donations poured in from throughout the country, most notably an anonymous donation of $100,000, which, according to Good News, should buy computers for each of the school's 420 students. A truckload of school supplies also arrived from a neighboring school district. 

The Lingelbach Elementary student body is about 88% African American, and approximately 56% of students receive school lunches. 

Principal Marc Gosselin said, "I was stunned by the outpouring of love." 

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