This Man Used To Be A Transgender Woman. Now He's Not. Here's What He Has To Say.

February 18, 2016Feb 18, 2016

The sway of our culture is so strong. They want to pressure us into thinking that if we say a man shouldn't be a woman, that we are bigoted and backwards and wrong. But what is really happening with people who think they are a different gender? And what is the best thing to tell a kid who thinks he/she was born the wrong sex?

Walt Heyer is a former transgender person. He is a man, but became convinced at a young age that he was meant to be a girl. Unfortunately, a counselor directed him to have a sex change, which he later greatly regretted. He returned to his male identity after decades of unhappily trying to live as a woman, and he has a message and website ( for all those struggling with their identity. 


Heyer shares in the Daily Signal, "I lived as a transgender, Laura Jensen, female, for eight years. While studying psychology in a university program, I discovered that trans kids most often are suffering from a variety of disorders, starting with depression—the result of personal loss, broken families, sexual abuse, and unstable homes. Deep depression leads kids to want to be someone other than who they are.

That information sure resonated with me."

Heyer also shares some really interesting information about the start of the gender-change normalization:  "The three men who came up with the idea of changing boys into girls and making transgenders, Alfred Kinsey, Harry Benjamin, and John Money, were pedophilia advocates."

Heyer wishes that he was given different advice when he sought help--and now works to give that help to others through his site.  "I only wish that when I went to the gender counselor for help he would have told me I couldn’t really change genders, that it is biologically impossible. Instead, he approved me for gender reassignment surgery, a surgery that, if I had been provided proper psychotherapy, would never have been necessary or appropriate."

What do you think about Heyer's testimony? It is so interesting to hear from someone who has regretted their sex-change choice, especially since so many young people are being advised that way! Let us know what you think in the Comments! Thank you so much!